Investing in Public Mutual Fund

Investing in Public Mutual Fund
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Tuesday, September 15, 2009

What is Wills Writing ?

What is Will Writing ?Will Writing In Malaysia - An Introduction -Will writing in Malaysia is becoming more popular as the Malaysian public become aware of its importance to their family.Many people don't realize the problems their family have to go though if they die without leaving a Will. Among the problems faced is a much longer estate distribution process, more legal fees incurred and possible family hardship.The worst case scenario that can happen is that your family will not have sufficient money to carry out the normal living expenses. This is because the law in Malaysia freezes all a person funds including those in savings account, FD, investment of any sort until a Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate is issued for such money to be unfrozen.The whole process to get the Letter of Administration or Grant of Probate can more than a year. In the mean time, bank loans, car loans and other living expenses need to be paid. This is where a gap exist that many people overlook. With a valid Will, it shortens the process considerable for family members to access the funds.Will writing in Malaysia can help reduce the potential family fights that can occur when people wrangle over the properties of the deceased. Those who have seen such unpleasant situation normally are wise to the necessity of writing a Will.Recent tragedies like September 11 and tsunami have also awaken Malaysians to the fact of our own mortality. Thus it is no longer taboo to mentioned Will writing among the younger generation.For the older generation, there is still some reservation when it comes to Will writing. It is only normal in such situations when we are forced to think about our existance.Will Writing OptionsThere are a few options when it comes to Will writing in Malaysia. Traditionallylawyers are the most common person to write a Will, Nowadays, professional Will writers are becoming common and people prefer to have them write their Will.This is because :-fees charged are reasonablethey offer ideas and suggestion to better distribute estate, taking minors andother situation into consideration safe keeping of Willsreminder services to update Will when there are significant changesalso trustee services - managing assets over time for beneficiariesThey provide a comprehensive services from the beginning when one writes a Will to the end where the Estate is distributed. For lawyers, there are areas where they don't provide such services.Need more information email us at rtheng@gmail.comCost of writing Your Will : -1) Trust Nomination Service Application RM10One time Distribution Fee upon demise of 0.15%On the Total Value Of thethe SettlorTrust Fund to be Distributed2) Will Writing fee (Public, Non-Mutual Gold)standard Will which costs RM450One time Distribution Fee upon demise of20% of the Distribution Fee chargeablethe customer on the distribution of the customers estate( NB: PBTSB chargesDistribution Fee of 1% on estateof the first RM1 million and 0.5% for estate exceeding RM1 million )

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Time to invest - Fund Manager

Dear Investors,

Today is 10.10.08. The market is very low now. It is the time to enter the market. The chances that it will go down is less, say 10%. The upside is 90%.

We recommend you consider dollar averaging method. That is, you can invest monthly for the next 6 months. Invest 15% of the intended amount.

For example, you have 60,000.00 to invest. So, you invest 10,000 each months for the next 6

Good Investing.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Saving Plan

Dear Investors,

The concept of saving plan is based on the dollar-cost averaging.

The investors are advised to invest regularly to lower the average cost per unit.

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Why Amanah Raya ?

Dear Investors,

Amanah Raya is a corporation. They are in the business of will writing and providing trust services. They offer services for individual and for business.

Create A Second EPF Account

Dear Investors,

Is your Malaysian EPF Fund enough for your retirement ?

Let do the calculation :

What is your monthly expenses ?

Say, your monthly expenses is RM 5000.00.

You need to find an investment vehicle.
Its give you an income of RM 5000.00 per month.

We assume your return of investment ( ROI) is 5% per year.
You need RM 1,000,000.00 in your EPF at the age of 55 years old.

The following Table showing the different return with EPF Fund.

EPF Fund is RM 1,000,000.00. Its give RM 5000.00
EPF Fund is RM 800,000.00. Its give RM 4000.00
EPF Fund is RM 600,000.00. Its give RM 3000.00
EPF Fund is RM 400,000.00. Its give RM 2000.00
EPF Fund is RM 200,000.00. Its give RM 800.00
EPF Fund is RM 100,000.00. Its give RM 400.00

Now, you can answer it yourself.

If you need help, We have a solution for you.

Please contact

Saturday, July 12, 2008

Your Guide to Lifetime Financial Planning

Launched in December 1998, the book serves as a guide for the individual to plan their lifetime finances. Published by Public Mutual, FF1 provides over 300 pages of easy reading examples, charts, graphs, and information tables. You may take a quiz to determine your risk profile, work out what's in a will, estimate how much insurance you need, or even plan for retirement.
Among the common questions asked are:
Will I have enough money to educate my children through university?
How will I maintain my standard of living during retirement?
If a life-threatening illness strikes, will my loved ones and I pull through without financial hardship?
If you are looking for answers to these questions, this book can be your compass out of that dark, scary financial wilderness. While there is no way to completely insulate ourselves from the external shocks of the financial kind, the right choices we make today can help to result in a positive difference in our future.